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 Dyr Tana, Colony Character Example
Dyr Tana
 Posted: Jun 22 2013, 07:57 PM

Age //24

Height //5'9

Bday //JAN 18

Position //

Species //Angosian

Homeworld //Angosia III


If one could make a living off of daydreams, we'd be rich.


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user posted image

Official Starfleet Name: N/A
Age: 24
Birthdate: January 18, 2367
Gender/Sex: Male
Orientation: Homosexual
Play-By: George Blagden


Hair Color: Dark Brown
Epidermis or Exokeleton Color: Soft fuzzy peach
Eye Color: Blue
Unique Markings: None (other than the ones Sek gives him)
Height: 5'9
Weight: 146 lbs


Three Words They Would Use to Describe Themselves: Creative, Devoted, Spontaneous
5 Personal Strengths: Adaptable, Resilient, Persistent, Compassionate, Modest
5 Personal Flaws: Bashful, Indecisive, Dependent, Naive, Sarcastic, Selfish
General Outlook on Life: Go with the flow because he's found that plans always, always go to shit. Also, it's hard to keep to a plan around Sek.
Personality Type: INFP-T, Steady/Stable, Hufflepuff, Neutral Good, Restoration Druid (Worgen)


Parents: Darok Tana - Father - 58, Jjenha Tana - Mother - 47
Siblings: none
Significant Other(s): Seklloch
Children/Grandchildren: None

Emergency Contact: Seklloch


Species: Angosian
Birthplace: Angosia III
Homeworld: Angosia III
Religion/Belief System: None
Culture: Angosians are a pacifist species that focuses on creative and intellectual pursuits. When he left home at 19, Dyr very much embodied these same beliefs. While he hasn't changed completely, having spent the past four years with an Acamarian (pretty much the exact opposite of Angosians when it comes to their views of physical demonstrations and violence), has altered his view of the world. Still very much a pacifist personally, and much more likely to run from any semblance of aggression from strangers, he understands the drive behind it much more. Aside from that, with Sek, who he trusts implicitly, he has a strong fascination with his strength and aggressive tendencies.

He does still very much appreciate intellectual and creative pursuits, and he reads and writes for fun, as well as enjoying drawing and music. He would like to learn how to play an instrument.


Childhood: Dyr has had a good life. He grew up on Angosia with parents that loved him and cared about him, though both were busy with their careers and so more often than not he was left to entertain and fend for himself. He never minded this, enjoying his solitude and the peace and quiet and learning to keep himself entertained.

Adolescence: Much like his childhood, his adolescence was very normal for a child on Angosia. Because of his parents' careers (his father is an architect and his mother an engineer) they moved around a bit and so it was often easier to spend time alone than to try and endear himself to a whole new group of kids who sometimes didn't quite understand his shyness and tendency to withdraw into his own little protective bubble. That said, he does have something of an innocently charming personality that often drew at least a few people in, and he always preferred just a couple of closer friends to having a large group of people around him.

Adulthood to Current: Wanting a change and the opportunity to expand their horizons, his parents applied for positions as Lead Architect and Zoologist for Altidra Colony and were accepted. For the first time in his life they left Angosia.

Dyr took some time adapting to the new colony, but came to enjoy it for what it was. He worked in the office of his father's construction company and met, and began dating Alven Cainan who was somehow even sweeter and gentler than Dyr was. Which was, perhaps, the problem. Dyr was too fascinated, too drawn in, by the older, gorgeous, rough and tumble, sexy Seklloch.

As fascinated as Dyr was, Sek was amused by the young boy's attention and began to purposely do things to draw his attention even more and it worked. When they went to a club and Dyr's attempt at making a move felt like it was rejected, he turned his attention to the kind, sweet, and attractive Alven Cainan.

However, being in a relationship didn't stop his feelings for Sek, nor did it stop Sek was pushing him and teasing him. Dyr gave in all too easily too many times. Eventually Alven found out and broke things off and, like the asshole he was, Dyr immediately went to Sek.

The two were together from them until the colony was attacked and destroyed. Dyr's parents took him back to Angosia and forbid him from having anything to do with Sek.

The two were apart for a few months, but Sek found his way back to Dyr, came to Angosia, and physically took him away with him (and left a trail of crimes and violence that has resulted in him being wanted across the entire planet). They then moved to Starbase 142, then to the Sol Starbase, and are now moving to the Bastagia.

They are very much still trying to find their place in the universe, but the one thing Dyr knows is that his place is at Sek's side.

user posted image

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Dyr Tana
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 05:18 PM

Age //24

Height //5'9

Bday //JAN 18

Position //

Species //Angosian

Homeworld //Angosia III


If one could make a living off of daydreams, we'd be rich.


Evren + CST + 294 posts

You cannot leave me. I love you.

Pronunciation of their name (phonetically): Deer-ack Tah-nah
Names/Nicknames they like being called: Dyr
Names/Nicknames they hate being called: Dyri, Dyrak
Preferred Pronouns: He/him
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Personal Quote:
Follow the yellow brick road. [Or some Angosian pop culture variation with a similar meaning]


General Personality Description: At first glance Dyr is nothing if not shy, timid, and meek. He has a tendency to shrink up within himself and his smile is bashful and charming, his blue eyes wide and innocent. As most people do not get to know him, this is the impression most have of him and it is not necessarily entirely inaccurate. He is a shy person who prefers not to be the center of attention and does not do well with having the focus be on himself.

He is not, however, entirely a pushover, as much as it may seem at first. Dyr has to be pushed into drawing himself up and finding his backbone, but it is there, and more now than it used to be. When he'd feeling defensive or comfortable, he can be sarcastic and even biting when needed. He is capable of defending himself if pushed far enough, but is much quicker to defend those he cares about (namely Sek) and to find his voice should he need it.

Overall though, he is exactly the Mediator his Myers-Briggs profile makes him out to be. He would much, much prefer to find a calm, amiable situation to any conflicts and has often put himself between Sek's wild antics and those on the receiving end of such antics. He is a good listener, good at calming frazzled nerves, and good at being supportive and loving.

In general he is a fairly gentle person with a compassionate heart, though he can be judgmental at times and is much more likely to dislike people quickly than some others. In the privacy of his own home, with Sek, another side of him comes out, but that's a bit more personal... wink.gif

Alignment: Neutral Good

One song or piece of music that deeply fits them and why? Dyr loves piano music and large instruments with a big sound like harps, pianos, organs, and others. He wouldn't use that to describe himself though, but he doesn't know what he would be. Possibly mellow adult contemporary.
If they could describe themselves as any color, what would it be and why?Light blue. He doesn't know, just says it feels fitting.
Their 5 favorite anythings: Seklloch, drawing, writing, music, Seklloch again
Their 5 least favorite anythings:Being alone, constantly moving, being broke, not being able to go home, being forced into anything
List 1 surprising thing about them:He was 'rescued' from his home planet by force and hasn't been back since
What inspires them?Wanting to create a good future for himself
Favorite Holovision Show:An old human show someone recommended to him because the main character looks a lot like Sek and he thinks it's hot. [Shut up, I dont care, I'm doing it], also nature documentaries
Favorite Movie: Action movies
What is their favorite aspect of their own culture? The import they give to artistic and creative endeavors that he's noticed many other cultures sweep aside as unimportant
What is the one thing they never tell anyone about themselves: That he's a bit of a masochist
How would they spend a perfect day? In bed with Sek
If they had to lose one sense, what would it be? Taste
If not taken, are they looking for love or single and loving it? Very, very Taken
Fight or Flight? Flight
Romance or Action? Action
Sunshine or rain? Sunshine
Sweet or savory? Sweet
Healthy food or junk food? Junk food
Fancy clothes or casual? Casual


Birthplace: Angosia III
Where were they raised? Angosia III
What was their home life like? Very good. He had two loving parents and a good home life, though they moved a lot growing up and he learned to hate that, even though he's accidentally emulating it in his own life as well.
Any close bonds with friends/siblings/peers? He had a few good friends from time to time, but moving a lot made that hard and he was an only child.

Favorite thing about their childhood? Getting to explore his parents' workplaces from time to time because they both have very interesting jobs.

Least favorite thing about their childhood? Moving so much, being lonely, always having to make new friends and struggling to do so.

One thing they would do differently as a parent than their parents/guardian did: Not move so much and not try and plan their future for them. Definitely not tell them who they can or can't date, or try and force them to follow their rule (though, if he was actually a parent in this situation he might actually feel different - but at 24 this is how he feels).

Describe their childhood memory that had the most impact on them? Going to visit his parents' jobs. Not a huge impact in that it changed his life so much as that it was always something he really enjoyed and it meant a lot to him, though also eventually made it clear he didn't want to follow either of their footsteps.

Describe their late teen/adult memory that had the most impact on them? Definitely leaving Angosia and moving to Altidra when he was 18.


Where are they living? The Bastagia
What is their place like? Small and not well furnished, but they are working on it. They are still settling in and things are sometimes a little cramped and a little messy. Dyr would eventually like to find a real home for themselves and have a place full of their own decorations and possessions.
Current Occupation: TBD
Current closest friend: Seklloch
Current relationship with their family: Strained. He left home unexpectedly and against his parents wishes. However, they love and miss him so they occasionally send messages, but Dyr doesn't trust them to not try and come get him again, so he keeps these very limited. Up until that point their relationship was very good.

What, if anything, are they currently working toward? Settling in, starting a new job, hopefully making a home for themselves.
What, if anything, are they currently working ON? The above.


What is their ultimate goal in life? To be with Sek and have a good life.

What is their ideal career? He has no idea. Maybe something with writing or music.

Where do they see themselves in 10 years? With Sek in a nice home, with good jobs they both enjoy.

I will protect you.
Dyr Tana
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 05:52 PM

Age //24

Height //5'9

Bday //JAN 18

Position //

Species //Angosian

Homeworld //Angosia III


If one could make a living off of daydreams, we'd be rich.


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Dyr Tana
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 08:33 PM

Age //24

Height //5'9

Bday //JAN 18

Position //

Species //Angosian

Homeworld //Angosia III


If one could make a living off of daydreams, we'd be rich.


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